GAFHA Forum Videos

A special thank you to GAFHA for hosting last night’s forum and for allowing me to record the event.

Click the links below to view the videos of each question:
1) Introduction
2) Ground Rules
3) D1 – Mayor Pro Tem Gibbons
4) D5 – Councilman Aubin
5) D2 – Candidate Deborah Morris
6) Mayoral: Opening Statements
7) Mayoral: Council City Manager form of Government
8) Mayoral: Infrastructure
9) Mayoral: Baylor Hospital
10) Mayoral: Homelessness
11) Mayoral: Charter
12) Mayoral: Audience Question: Garland as a Destination
13) Mayoral: Audience Question: Other Infrastructure
14) Mayoral: Audience Question: City Degradation
15) Mayoral: Closing Statements
16) Closing

(I did the best I could with the sound, but it is still pretty low)