Naaman School Rd Update, July 2021

As many of you in the area have noticed, several of the properties that are in the path of the Naaman School Rd rebuild are now vacant. We’re in the process of closing on those properties now, and once they are under our control we will begin the cleanup. And now that we have either completed deals, or are far enough along in the process that it won’t complicate matters, I can share the final alignment for the new road:

There may be subtle adjustments in the road as we move into construction. The properties in peach will either be relocated or removed. The road itself will be divided, with two lanes in each direction, and sidewalks on the north and south sides of the road. The Spring Creek bridge will be raised over 10ft out of the creek flood way to avoid future high water issues. At the other end of the road, we are working with both the railroad company and TXDOT to reconfigure the intersection at SH78.

The total cost will exceed $30 million+, and is one of the most complex construction projects in the city.

Timeline Recap:

2017 March – (before I took office): One of my campaign issues was the replacement/repair of NSR:
I analyzed why we were in this mess to begin with, what the possible solutions were, and I started looking at funding mechanisms.

2017 May – Elected for first term.

2017 September – First budget cycle. Requested and passed funding for a feasibility study (cost estimates, projected timelines, etc).

2017 November – Town hall meeting, covered NSR issue and talked about 3-4 year timeline for a groundbreaking on the rebuild.

2017 December – We started the process of putting together a large bond program to fund these bigger projects.

2018 March – I invited area residents to a bond program ‘round table’ to discuss NSR and other large projects.

2018 April – Town hall meeting, covered NSR issue again and discussed bond program.

2018 May – 2018 December – All possible bond projects were submitted to the bond program working group for scope, pricing, and approval. Estimates began.

2018 November – Town hall meeting, covered NSR again in the terms of the bond program, timelines, and funding sources.

2019 February – I fought for, and got NSR as the #3 bond priority in the city (#1 Police evidence room, #2 Animal shelter rebuild).

2019 May – Bond package approved by the voters. NSR rebuild cost estimated at $32m.

2019 September – Approved the budget for an engineering firm to do the road alignment study.

2019 October – First year of funding for the 2019 bond program is available.

2019 November – The city contracted a firm to do the alignment study. Work began.

2020 January – I met with county commissioner JJ Koch to secure additional county funding to offset our costs.

2020 March – Alignment study concluded. Council voted to approve a ‘preferred’ street alignment.

2020 April – Contract approved for detailed engineering schematics. Area surveying began.

2020 June – Began pursuing Regional Transportation Council and DART funding.

2020 August – Awarded $10m from the county to help offset our ~$32m in construction costs.

2020 October – 2021 September: Design

2021 March – Acquired 7 of the 9 properties required for the project

2021 April – Acquired the 8th of 9 properties required for the project

2021 July – This blog post, acquisition of the 9th property is in process. Working through the closing process on several of the other properties.

Projected: 2021 October – 2022 January: Bidding

Projected: 2022 February – 2024 January: Construction

Projected: 2024 February – 2024 March: Final

Projected: 2024 April – 2024 June: Closeout