GAFHA Candidate Forum 2019

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 the GAFHA (Garland Association For Hispanic Affairs) invited candidates from both the City of Garland City Council / Mayoral and the Garland ISD Board of Trustees races to participate in their annual candidate forum. The forum was held at the Garland Women’s Activity Building in downtown.

Videos are below in the order in which events took place.

Tech issues during the GISD Pl 3 section.

  1. Rules, Format, Intro
  2. GISD: Pl 3 – Linda Griffin (I), Bob Duckworth
  3. GISD: All Candidates
  4. COG: D6 – Abell, Vera (I), D3 – Nickerson (I), Stanley
  5. COG: All Candidates
  6. Closing

Watch the full event

My thanks go out to the Garland Association for Hispanic Affairs for hosting us, and for continuing to be active in the community.

Video was recorded with permission and is licensed as Creative Commons.

Edit 4/14/19:
I’ve received requests for direct downloads of parts 4 and 5. Those are being made for a short time for public download.
COG-4.mp4 (5.7 GB)
COG-5.mp4 (6.3 GB)