Council Pay
Base Compensation: $288
Per meeting (4 per month): $72
Monthly cell phone stipend: $150 (increased in 2019 due to SB944)

Gross: $8712 ($726/mo)
Taxes: $2785
Net: $5927 ($16.24/day)

The council’s pay is set by the city charter and is subject to voter approval. The rate was set in 2000 and again in 2018.

Latest Campaign Finance Report
2022-07-15 Campaign Finance Report (pdf)

Note: In this latest finance report, I have paid myself back for the initial amount I loaned my campaign in 2017. I now maintain a $0.00 balance in my political account, but it is not closed/finalized. Term limits are set in the City Charter, and my final term ends in May 2023.